The Switzer 2009 Holiday Newsletter

Welcome to the 7th installment of our online holiday newsletters, to go with the creative photo cards that Carrie puts together every year.

If you didn't find your way here because of the photo card, you can see a picture from it below in the family section of this newsletter.

Stick around for a bit, check out the pictures... maybe you'll see some snow falling! If you are viewing this site with FirefoxLink opens in new window, roll over a few of the photos for a fun effect.



Ashley is our 21 year old University of Colorado senior with a major in Economics. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that Ashley is about to enter her final semester as the calendar turns. We're extremely proud of her. Ashley continues to work on campus part-time as an office assistant, as she has for the past couple of years.

When Ashley drops in sometimes on the weekend, one of our favorite things to do is play Rock Band - something all four of us can do together. Ashley has a beautiful voice so the rest of us usually just grab an instrument.

This coming May, friends and family will gather in Boulder to watch Ashley march in cap and gown as she receives her Bachelor's Degree.


Father-Daughter Bowl #4Link opens in new window

ThanksgivingLink opens in new window


Tobey is our six year old first grader.

He now goes to High Plains Elementary for the day and then over to "Growing to Greatness" for a few hours in the afternoon. Big accomplishments for the year were learning how to ride his bike (although not too keen on it yet), jumping off the diving board at A-Lakes, and recently learning how to tie his shoes. At the beginning of the school year he also joined Cub Scouts Pack 354, with his Papa as one of the Tiger Cubs den leaders. Tobey loves to play video games on his DS, PS2, or computer, and has recently become an avid reader - on our Florida vacation he read the entire Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

Weblog entries involving Tobey in the past year:

My week with GeorgeLink opens in new window

Boys Weekend II
Link opens in new window


Twizzler is our 12 year old chocolate labrador retriever. We affectionately call her the "old lady" of the house, but you wouldn't really know it when she's out on her daily stroll.

If you'd like to spend some time with Twizzler the next time you see her, she'll be happy to sit near you as you scratch her ears. A peanut butter sandwhich wouldn't hurt either!

Twizzler turns 12Link opens in new window

Carrie and Alan

A look back on 2009 for Carrie and Alan begins with a few of the highlights and trips from the past year in our family weblog or Flickr photosets:

Broncos/Chargers GameLink opens in new window

October Florida Trip Link opens in new window

Avery's Wedding in CaliforniaLink opens in new window

Carrie started a new job in August as a consultant at Comcast. They like her there a lot - she was recently extended thru all of 2010, which is great news. This summer she redecorated Tobey's roomLink opens in new window in a "Denver Nuggets" motif. In late July, Carrie went to MI to visit her familyLink opens in new window. We've been in our house in Englewood now for 12+ years, and we know we'll be in it for a bit longer with Tobey going thru the Cherry Creek schools, so after re-painting the exterior, updating the carpeting and master bedroom furniture, we feel like we are walking around in a new house!

I'm nearing my second year at ProBuild, working with a great team in their IT department. This past summer I ran the BolderBoulder with my sisterLink opens in new window. After turning 40Link opens in new window (wow, how did that happen?) a few weeks before the 10K, I set a goal of running faster than 50 minutes. I ran it in 48:37, proving to myself that I'm not quite ready to admit I'm over the hill. :) Over the July 4th weekend I went to CA to attend the Switzer ReunionLink opens in new window with my folks.

As you may know, we are long-time Denver Nuggets fans. This past April and May the Nuggets had their best postseason in 24 years.Link opens in new window We enjoyed the ride and were able to be at the clinching games in rounds 1 and 2 before they finally bowed out to the eventual NBA champs.

Twizzler Christmas Photo 2009
Twizzler's 2009 Family Photo



Wishing you a happy and safe holiday season,

The Twizzlers