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Trip to Florida - Oct/Nov, 2003

Here you will find photos from our family trip to Florida. We vacationed with Mike, Lisa and Madison Lockwood, and Ashley's friend Erin also! You'll see lots of pictures from the beach since it was Tobey and Madison's first experience, along with pictures from our visits to the parks in Orlando (Disney's Epcot and Universal Studios) and some Halloween photos with Madison and Tobey dressed up as a Bumble-bee and Spider-baby.

Enjoy the photos!

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Madison and Tobey get ready for the beach (274kb) Keeping cool in the shade (223kb) Dad, can I borrow your shades? (322kb) Tobey takes a snooze at the beach (250kb)
Madison and Lisa (242kb) Tobey and Madison take a break with a Baby Einstein video (184kb) Hot Mamas on the beach (138kb) As it reads, its
Madison and Tobey go for the pin on Mike (202kb) Just arrived at Epcot (282kb) The Dad's wait with the babies outside Mission Space at Epcot (319kb) Thanks for bringin my to Disneyland! (185kb)
Thanks for feeding me Dad! (252kb) 100_0292.jpg (249kb) 100_0293.jpg (280kb) 100_0296.jpg (260kb)
100_0297.jpg (197kb) 100_0299.jpg (117kb) 100_0302.jpg (198kb) 100_0307.jpg (136kb)
100_0308.jpg (137kb) 100_0310.jpg (196kb) 100_0312.jpg (170kb) 100_0314.jpg (266kb)
100_0316.jpg (251kb) 100_0317.jpg (197kb) 100_0318.jpg (229kb) 100_0324.jpg (206kb)
100_0319.jpg (316kb) 100_0321.jpg (288kb) 100_0323.jpg (315kb) 100_0327.jpg (293kb)
100_0330.jpg (278kb) 100_0334.jpg (194kb) 100_0336.jpg (150kb)  

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