Day One - Milan/Florence
We flew from Denver to Milan, arriving early morning local time. We explored Milan a bit, taking in the beautiful Duomo before we took a train to Florence to meet up with Chris and Andrea.

Day Two - Day Three -- Florence
For the first night, we stayed at a hotel right near the train station. The next day we walked 45 minutes to a beautiful hotel overlooking the Arno river.

Day Four - Day Seven -- Rome
Travelled by train to Rome, and stayed in a Monestary near the Vatican. The next day, we took a bus and stayed at a hotel in the heart of Rome for the rest of our stay their.

Day Eight- Day Nine -- Venice
Took the train to Venice and stayed on the Grand Canal, just across from the station. Although Venice was our least favorite stop on the trip, we still had a great time and checked off one of those ultimate todo's in life - taking a gondola ride in Venice!

Day Ten - Day Eleven -- Near Sacile
Traveled by train to stay with Tim, Beth and Marcus Mazzola. They live North of Venice, near the Air Force Base their. Tim and Beth were gracious hosts and it was wonderful to see their beautiful restored villa in the Italian countryside.



 Cool Places We Visited in Italy
 Piazza Del Duomo Milan (Milano)
 The Duomo Florence (Firenze)
 Market Florence
 Castello Del Trebbio North of Florence
 Trevi Fountain Rome (Roma)
 Pantheon Rome
 Lido Di Ost Coast South of Rome
 Rialto Bridge Venice (Venezia)
 Piazza San Marco Venice
 Tim & Beth's Villa Near Sacile

Day Twelve -- Milan
Flew home to Denver! We wish we could say it was uneventful - but after a 5 hour delay in Washington D.C. due to weather, we finally made it home! We were especially thankful for Dan and Deb who picked us up at DIA, so late on a Friday night.

Note - these are just the highlights - to read more details - see our Journal.


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