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Day One - London, England
We flew from Denver to London, arriving early morning local time. We stayed at a hotel near Hyde Park - and used it to fight off jet-lag.

Day Two - Day Four
Took the Eurostar Train to Paris. The EuroStar is a high speed train that travels in a tunnel - under the English Channel from London to Paris. Once on land, it travels up to 186 miles per hour! Once we reached Paris, we stayed near the Eiffel Tower for two nights.

Day Five

Traveled by train to Lille, France and stayed the night.

Day Six
Traveled to Brussels, Belgium and spent the night.

Day Seven - Day Nine
Traveled to Yerseke, Holland and stayed with Karin and Marcel Van de Kreeke, friends that we met in Jamaica. Penny and Pete Crawford also joined us from England, and the six of us had a great time.

Day Ten
Went to Amsterdam, Holland and spent the night. Penny and Pete were our tour guides.

Day Eleven
Traveled by train to Berlin, Germany and spent the night. We arrived in Berlin late that night and found a wonderful hotel near the train station.

Day Twelve - Thirteen
Took the night train to Munich, Germany. Spent the next night near the train station.




 Cool Places We Visited
 Thames River London, England
 Versailles Paris, France
 Louvre Paris, France
 Eiffel Tower Paris, France
 Great Square Brussels, Belgium
 Karin & Marcel's
Yerseke, Holland
 Red light district Amsterdam, Holland
 Checkpoint Charlie Berlin, Germany
 Hofbrauhaus Munich, Germany
 Schloss Ambras Innsbruck, Austria
 Lake Lucerne Lucerne, Switzerland
 Les Hautes Roches Tours, France

Day Fourteen - Day Fifteen
Took a train to Innsbruck, Austria. Spent two nights in a hotel in the city, above the main town square.

Day Sixteen - Day Seventeen
Took a train to Lucerne, Switzerland and spent two nights in a hotel overlooking the lake.

Day Eighteen
Traveled all day by train to reach Tours, France. We then took a cab to our hotel overlooking the Loire River, built into the cliffs - Les Hautes Roches.

Day Nineteen
Traveled by train to Brussels, Belgium and stayed in the same hotel as the first time through.

Day Twenty
Traveled by train to Amsterdam, Holland and spent the night near the airport.

Day Twenty-one
Flew home to Denver!

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